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Where and how do they live
Our guests are living free, all together, without cages, in a well heated house. They have permanent access to a flowered, completely fenced garden. Inside they can rest on comfortable armchairs, sofas and cushions. Outside, they can choose to lay in the sun, or stay in the shadow of kiwi trees, climb up the trees, hide in the grass or eat it!

The young cats play together, the olds or timids stay in a calm place. So, each one finds its place for a very pleasant holiday.

As the whole cattery is a large neutral territory, there are no fights between the cats, except some expression of bad mood between those that have no affinity, so they just avoid each other!

Just like the dogs, the cats are looked after individually, with care and affection. They get a lot of cuddle, are put on a balance regularly, and the long haired get brushed.

If we notice any health problem, we bring them to the vet immediately.

The food is very rich and varied: many different tin food and dry food, as well as cooked chicken and tune-fish

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