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Where and how do they live
All our boarders are looked after individually with lots of affection and attention. They sleep inside, in large, comfortable central heated kennels (day and night at 20 degrees), in baskets with blankets. The kennels have a direct opening to outside gardens with grass and shadows under trees or parasols.

The dogs can go out in their small garden any time they like and ,beside, they can also go regularly to run and play together in the large ,fenced play- park, ,in groups that are sociable, For dogs used to live outside all year, we also have some outside kennels with well shaded dog houses.

When ever it is possible, we keep the dogs in pairs, a male and a female, so that they don't feel alone, harmoniously chosen with similar age, temperament and size, Those that live in the same family, normally stay together ,.those that are sociable, stay in small groups.

During the meals, however, all the dogs are separated and eat individually. Usually, we feed them different type of dog food like Biomill, Purina, Asco, not dry, but rehydrated, with some cooked chicken or tin food. Those that are very choosy, get special food with much more chicken, sometimes, even fed by hand, if, at the beginning, it is necessary.

If he wishes, the owner can also bring the food his dog eats at home, or any medicine if the dog is on treatment. In this case you have to tell us in advance and have our positive written answer sent by fax or mail (please see the boarding conditions for animals with veterinary treatment). We don't, of course, take any animals with health problems that could be contagious. If any health problem appears during the holidays, we call immediately a vet.

So the whole staff Of-liberty does it's best to make each one of our guests happy so that they spend a really nice holiday with us.

By the way, all those that come regularly, love to come and they show it, by pulling to come in and say hello to everybody!

But, you better come and visit the kennel to see yourself. Blind confidence is not enough to make your companion happy.

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